The story of Iceberg is very intense. It is a story of sacrifice but also one of tremendous satisfaction


The journey began in 1979 when the Bernardi brothers purchased the company. The company’s strategy was changed immediately: retail sales of products were cancelled in order to operate in the catering sector. A period of change followed in which the company’s work was reorganized. The attempted sales strategy was replaced by representatives who travelled throughout Italy to collect orders from customers and have them delivered.


The company was independent by 1985. Business grew exponentially for the sake of further development became a crucial element.


A new factory was inaugurated in 1989 and underwent expansion in 1998.


The period ranging from 2001 to 2011 could be defined as one of maturation. It brought about a modern organization of the business due to the special attention given to the training of the company’s collaborators in order to ensure their expertise and motivation as well as their teamwork skills so they could offer clients top-quality service. The range of available products was continuously increased with numerous references for the purpose of offering clients a vast assortment to choose from.


The current period is leading us towards new and important choices to help us take on the challenges of today’s socio-economic circumstances without ever neglecting the strong values that have been guiding the company for over 35 years.


On 14 October 2019 the company celebrates its 40th anniversary. In a memorable day for all those present, the foundations are laid for the challenges of the future. Challenges that actually present themselves, but thanks to great determination together with a very solid corporate situation, Iceberg successfully overcomes the critical moment of the stoppage of the horeca sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Even today the company continues to deal with unexpected events, in an increasingly complex and changing global scenario. Iceberg also loses the figure of Mr. Luciano Bernardi (the second of the Bernardi brothers) but thanks to the guidance of the current managers the company continues confidently on its growth path, giving continuity to the project started way back in 1979.