Iceberg's Agenda 2024: food as a sharing tool


Iceberg's Agenda 2024: food as a sharing tool

It’s a pleasure for us to present the new theme of Iceberg’s Agenda 2024. Its purpose is to celebrate our daily work: food. Food is maybe the only thing we all have in common and it has the power to feed and warm people's hearts, wherever they are.

Nutrition is not only a need for our body. It also sends a cultural message of exchange and sharing.

The main theme of the New Agenda 2024 is connected to our investment in renewable energy through the installation of a modern solar panel.

In fact what we all share is the World in which we live, with the common desire to guarantee a healthy life and promote the well-being of everyone at any age, for us and for future generations.

We thank you for these 45 years together!


Marketing and Communication department

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