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Our Christmas wishes

Also this year we wanted to express our Christmas wishes by sharing with customers, suppliers and collaborators a story that stimulates us to give our best, making us reflect on the year that has been and on the new year that will soon arrive.


When I was little I loved the circus.

I felt a particular attraction to the elephant, a favourite animal for me and many other children.

During the show, the elephant displayed a truly extraordinary weight, size and strength, but after his performance, and until a moment before he came on stage, he was always bound by a chain around one of his legs to a pallet driven into the floor. But the pallet was just a tiny piece of wood planted a few centimetres in the ground, and although the chain was thick, it seemed obvious to me that an animal like that should be able to free himself easily and run away.

What kept him there?

As the years passed, I forgot the mystery of the elephant and the pallet.

And a few years ago I found out the answer: the circus elephant doesn’t escape because he’s been chained to a pallet like that since he was small.

Closing my eyes, I can imagine the defenceless baby elephant chained to the pallet, pushing and pulling as he tries to free himself, but all his efforts are in vain because the pallet is too firmly fixed. So after many attempts, one day he gives up, resigning himself to impotence.

The massive, powerful elephant we see in the circus doesn’t rip the chain off because he doesn’t believe he can: he’s imprinted with the memory of his helplessness as a baby and he’s never tried to get away again, never tested his strength. Never again!

We’re strong, we’re able and we’re well-prepared, but sometimes we behave like the elephant: past failure leads us to give up. We don’t bother even trying. We lose confidence in ourselves. There’s only one way to know if we can do something: we have to find the strength to try again.


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15th August's Holiday

We inform our kind customers and suppliers that on Wednesday 15th August Iceberg will remain closed for holiday.

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Our Welcome to two new salesmen

We are pleaseant to welcome two new salesmen who join the Iceberg team: Emanuele Grossi and Andrea Dessì.

We interviewed them to know them a bit better.


Iceberg - How old are you? Where are you from?

E.G. - I am 29 years old and I’m from Latisana (Udine).

Iceberg - When did you officially start in Iceberg?

E.G. - I started on June 1st 2017 but before I got a training for several months in the company.

Iceberg - What's your work area?

E.G. – It’s Trieste’s area.

Iceberg - What is your training and work experience?

E.G. – I’ve got a degree in geometry. After school I worked for nine years in the same food company, where I worked initially as warehouseman, then as driver, and finally as salesman in the last five years.

Iceberg - Your favorite recipe?

E.G. - I have a passion for risottos in general. Maybe my favorite is risotto with shrimps and zucchini.

Iceberg - What are the most important qualities for a salesman, in you opinion?

E.G. – In  my opinion the most important qualities for a salesman are honesty, product knowledge, constancy and passion.


Iceberg - How old are you? Where are you from?

A.D. - I'm 37, from Budoia (Pordenone).

Iceberg - When did you officially start in Iceberg?

A.D. - I started the training period already in February 2017, later I made experience with another agent for few months and now I am at the full disposal of my clients.

Iceberg - What's your work area?

A.D. – It's a part of Udine’s area and also Lignano beach and coast.

Iceberg - What is your training and work experience?

A.D. – I followed the studies in agronomy, thanks to whom I fell in love about the land and its products. Later I worked as a salesman for a frozen food company.

Iceberg - Your favorite recipe?

A.D. - Paccheri with swordfish and cherry tomatoes.

Iceberg - What are the most important qualities for a salesman, in you opinion?

A.D. – Passion for the work, humility, listening ability, constancy and helpful.


We wish good work and great success for both of us by the Iceberg team. 

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Alimentazione e formazione si sposano con prevenzione e comunicazione

L'esperto - 15 Marzo, 2016

Sempre più frequentemente sentiamo parlare di nutrizione equilibrata, di dieta Mediterranea, collegata ad una tematica importante: la prevenzione.
La prevenzione intesa come uno stile di vita, un modo di pensare, di agire, che dona beneficio a chi la interpreta correttamente come un modo di vivere sano all’insegna del benessere.
Abbiamo il dovere di educare i nostri figli a vivere sani attraverso il gioco, la vitalità, la fantasia, e anche a tavola trasmettendogli uno stile di vita salutare.
Questa educazione, che parte dalla famiglia, deve essere comunicata correttamente, oltre che dai genitori, dai professionisti che si occupano di nutrizione, dal medico al dietologo, fino al cuoco, i quali devono collaborare per consolidare le regole del buon vivere

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