Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that every company should be an active part of society and its local area, not just economically, but also by attempting to foster a stronger focus on initiatives that help the community to grow. 

Our Commitment to the Community

We appreciate various kinds of initiatives, as proven by the many undertakings that we have been involved with to date. We welcome initiatives geared towards community development with open arms and always actively take part when we can be proactive. We are especially focused on the development of our staff.

Culture Initiatives

The Restoration of Ca’ Balbi and Casa dei Battuti

The restoration of two historic buildings dating back to the 16th century that look out onto Piazza Grande in Oderzo that were subsequently included in the network of the Italian Environmental Fund (Fondo Ambiente Italiano - FAI), which puts on guided tours every year, including of the interiors.

“Il tempo ritrovato” volume

The publication of a bilingual volume (Italian/English), “Il tempo ritrovato” (Rediscovered Time, 2011, Becco Giallo Editore), which documents the restoration of Ca’ Balbi and Casa dei Battuti, describing the various restoration phases. Copies of the volume were sent to the major national and international libraries.

“Oderzo veneziana” volume

We took part in creating the “Oderzo veneziana” volume, (Venetian Oderzo, 2017, Becco Giallo Editore), which documents the historical and artistic wonders of the Oderzo area during the Venetian era.

Commemorative Steles of the Great War

The installation within the Municipality of Oderzo of two memorial steles depicting historical events that occurred when the area was invaded by the Austro-Hungarian army during the First World War (1915-1918).

Art Initiatives

“Mario Bernardi” Poetry Award

We took part in the initiatives of the poetry award and exhibition named after the writer “Mario Bernardi”, organised by the Oderzo Cultural Foundation. The national award is divided into three sections: Italian-language poetry, poems in one of the dialects of the Triveneto area, and a Junior category (reserved for school pupils in the Oderzo district).

“Opera in Piazza” Festival

We actively participated in the “Opera in Piazza” event that has been held every year for over 25 years during July in Oderzo. It sees international artists and people from all over the world taking part.

School Initiatives

Computer room for primary schools in Piavon di Oderzo

We donated computers and outfitted the computer rooms in the primary schools of Piavon di Oderzo – 2015. 

School Diary for the “F. Amalteo” Middle School in Oderzo

For many years we have donated money to produce the school diary that is given to and used by the classes, as well as to create the diary content that stimulates the students’ curiosity.

Competitions of the “F. Amalteo” Middle School in Oderzo

We created various competitions for the students of the junior secondary school of Oderzo with compositions created by the students. The winners from every age group were awarded with vouchers for school books.

Photography competitions of the “Spazio Ragazzi” - “Casa Moro” Family Centre

We took part in the “Spazio Ragazzi” photography competition that picks a different theme each year. The winners were awarded with vouchers for school books.

Various initiatives for local schools and institutions

We took part in many other initiatives of local schools and institutions that organise events aimed at encouraging student growth.

Sports Initiatives

Sponsoring Opitergina Football Team and other sports clubs

We sponsor sports team that grows youth teams, including USD Opitergina Calcio football team, Basket Oderzo basketball team, Pallamano Oderzo handball team, US Piavon football and many more.

“Oderzo Città Archeologica” International Race

We are one of the main supporters of the Oderzo Archaeological City event that is held each year on the 1st May which sees the participation of international athletes, both male and female, in various categories: young people (beginners, second division, rookies), juniors, seniors and disabled people (Paralympic wheelchairs and handbikes).

Social Initiatives

Social and charity events

We take part in events organised by non-profit associations concerning social issues and disadvantaged people. 

Staff Initiatives

“Stella Marina” Award

The growth of our staff has always been near and dear to us. This is part of the training project that includes all our staff, who are encouraged and helped to recognise and develop their abilities. Once a member of staff has worked for the company for five years, s/he receives a golden starfish as acknowledgement of their individual commitment and contribution to the company’s growth.

In-house breast check-ups

Breast tumour prevention is encouraged through the provision of breast check-ups and mammograms for the female staff that work at Iceberg, which are carried out at our offices by a specialised team.